Flea Bites vs Bed Bug Bites 5 Differences!

Both species are real nuisance for humans and pets. They tend to be nagging and even threatening in some cases, so it is very important to identify who infested your house to start treatment as soon as possible. This article is written on materials of a site – getridpests.com, article “flea bites vs bed bug bites – characteristics and pictures”. Here are five factors that will show who exactly attacked you or your pets.

How They Look?

Traces of fleas are most likely to be discovered in clusters of 4-20 spots on any place of human body. They often look like dots of 2-4 mm with dark red centre.

Crum bites are flat and somewhat raised huge spots 10-30 mm wide. As a rule, people find them in a straight line of 3-4 spots, but it is not necessarily so.

Here you can see that traces left by insects are located in different patterns:

2.   How Fast Are They Revealed?

Spots left by hoppers swell in less than an hour. Right from this moment, they start itching considerably. Within two days, spots may turn into open sores, bubbles or blisters:


Since saliva of crums contains anesthetic components and anticoagulants, it delays skin irritation and itching for several days, or even weeks. When anesthetic wears off, itching appears, and it becomes worse later on.

Are Diseases Transmitted?

Bed bugs do not transmit any disease. So if you have high temperature, weakness, nausea, or any other symptom that accompanies itching, fleas might be the reason. The only consequence of the first insect’s attacks is formation of bubbles in spots.

How Often Do Pests Feed On You?

Typically, crums need to eat every 7-10 days, so they appear on average once a week while you sleep. These insects do not disturb people often, leaving just a few spots. On the contrary, a female fleas eat several times a day and night, so it stings frequently and generates several dots within 24 hours.

Flea Bites vs Bed Bug Bites: How Often Pets Are Attacked?

Your pet is what can help to discern pest. Fleas prefer hiding in hairy coat of animals as far as it provides cozy shelter. Bed bugs live in mattresses and furniture, which is why they bite humans solely. When you see your pet scratching permanently, it must be flea infestation.

Above mentioned points will help you to indentify the root of problem. As soon as you learn who infested your house, kill insects immediately.

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